Saturday, March 8, 2008

PARENTS! being a teenager is not easy! .-

and now...i really really feel like i need to write...
i feel..inspired maybe? in the right mood?
who knows...i just need to express myself =)

so what now?

should i turn the page?

should i wait more time?
should i be patient?

should i be crying?

should i be happy?

how am i supposed to be?
things would certainly be easier if i knew the answer to that question ^^

about to start a hole new page on my life book.....i feel like in a "stand by" mode sounds funny....but that's how i feel

kay......he's not comming, we all know that, don't we?...but i don't feel sad about that anymore, if we are meant to be together, we will....i'm not worried about that anymore.....cuz that's how love works... in a weird, special, beautiful kind of way =)
trust me...wait for the "True Love's Kiss"

but...that's not the point in this post......wait
.. O.o do i even know what am i writing about? haha ...i don't think so

sometimes i feel like a little innocent girl who likes to listen and sing princess' songs with her gfriends all day long, and laugh about any stupid thing we there was nothing wrong with our lives, or the world we live in.
i like to be innocent, i like to feel like a little girl.

but i also like to feel like a grownup person...come on!

i want to be freeeeeeeeee
make my own decisions, go out whenever and wherever i want, have fun, date cute guys, arrive home at 9 am!!
of course...... live with my parents at the same time hahaha

well..well...i'm not asking for wonders here, am i? (maybe in an item or two i am :P)

i know being a parent is not easy
but being a first (or second or third) teenager child is not either =)


they should know we don't like to have them around 24/7, or that we don't want to tell them about EVERYTHING we do or happen to us!
sometimes, and i speak for every teenager i know (?) ....we want to deal with our own problems! and that doesn't mean our problems are less than the other's issues, or that we don't love u guys....
of course sometimes u have to think that probably someone is living worse things that u are....but when we have trouble with sth....that's the biggest thing for us, and thats OKAY!

learn to listen when ur son/daughter wants to speak or talk about sth, not when u want them too! learn to be patient
learn to understand how we talk or act, cuz sometime what u used to do, or say, or think when u were a teenager, is not the same as now a days
learn to respect our own stuff
learn to respect our problems

learn to love us, no matter what =)

and then

and only then

we may start being better sons/daughters ^^

take that into account
u have no idea how much time and energy would u save if u do half of this things

anyway.....i think i've spoken for me and all the "kids" from my age and around

i like my life
so pls

don't ruin it =)

....kay that sound like i live in hell xD...

i love myself (?) WHAT A FAT LIE IS THAT!
but well...that will be discussed in another post

love ya guys

maqui .-

ps..happy woman's day u gils =)