Friday, February 6, 2009


I don't know anyone who isn't haunted by something or someone. And whether we try to slice the pain away with a scalpel or shove it in the back of a closet ... our efforts usually fail. So the only way we can clear out the cobwebs is to turn a new page or put an old story to rest.... finally, finally to rest.



Day said...

Wow! I can't believe it!
It is really hard to tell that you're in fact a spanish-speaking person!
You seem so... Confident about yourself...
I'd be SO scared to write something wrong (Just as i am right now... Will she see any mistake on this comment? i hope she doesn't!)
But still... I don't know if it happens the same with you, but every time I speak (or even write) in english... It feels like there's nothing between me and the paper, between my brain and my mouth, between my heart and the truth.
It's just that i'm so damn concentrated on every word, that i don't have time to check whether if what i'm saying is... appropriate for other people. I talk to myself in Spanish almost all the time, but when i want to get REALLY close to some things i feel sometimes... I try the English, beacuse when i start, i know that the stranger within me is miracolously gone, and i can hear more clearly what my almost voiceless heart whispers.

All this introduction has been to explain the reason why, in spite of being argentinean, i write in English.

And, my dear lady, i agree with you.

Our effots to fight away the pain usually fail. But, boring, stupid and all (i know you should've heard this somewhere) "everything happens for a reason".
You must learn to live with your bad dreams, and then you'll find out how to keep them as yours, and use them (may be against others!)
It's exactly like the PacMan: The ghosts that haunt us may also turn around and run away from us. We just have you seek for the big yellow dot, all around the screen.

Macky said...

Really, i'm speachless.
is like u knew my exact thoughts about why i choose to write in english instead of using spanish.
Cuando hay algo q quiero realmente expresar, using english is my only option!
it's just like u said...using english makes me hear more clearly what my heart whispers.
i'm glad u took the time to comment my post, cuz i smiled while i was reading it ^^

anyway, ur spelling is perfect, so don't be scared of writing me! i make tons of mistakes, i just don't care how many they are, because the feeling of talking and writing in another language is better than thinking if i'm doing it 100% perfect.

by the way, i would like to know how did u find my blog.


Day said...

do you have, at least, a slightest clue of who i am?
becuase we've met each other, i must tell you... some time ago...

(Yay! Mystery is fun!)

Macky said... be honest, i don't know who u r! really no clue...
but i'm afraid u might me someone i don't wanna talk to (hope u're not him ^^)

come on, tell's not fair that u do know who am i.

ZzZzZz said...

wanna play?
(this'll be fun...)
and i swear i'm not anyone you don't wanna see
let's just play while we don't know each other
(oh! right! but i know you! lol )

clue 1:

"cutty misses you"

Macky said...

n realidad no me agrada tanto esto d andar adivinando ok?

cutty me suena al pet society en fb, so u must be from there
anyway i won't be playing this for a long time ¬¬

ZzZzZz said...


ezequiel, de las nieves.
presscolar, 1ero, 2do y 3er grado con vos.


(Y no te enojes!)

Macky said...

jajaja nahhhhhhhhhhh
no sabia q tenes tantas skills para el ingles!
me alegra q hayas encontrado mi blog y q hayas firmado
y q me hayas dicho rapido quien eras
i'm lack of patience jeje

and do't worry, i'm not mad at all ^^

ZzZzZz said...

Keep posting, willya?
I love all the stuff you say.

And you've got something different... like a flavour... i don't know... something...

sweet, let's say.

let's keep in touch!