Tuesday, February 26, 2008

fuc%$&ing fate ¬¬

why do I HAVE to wait a thousand days ? is it that FATE is not by my side?

i'm soooo ANGRY!! i wnt to shout, cry and destroy everything in my way at the same time.
i hate this so much....y is it me the one that has to suffer like this, when everyone has his bf or gf a few blocks away from them?
it isn't fair at all...

i hate to be in love with someone that i know deep in my heart i can't have....no matter how much he loves me, he's far away from me....and once we thought everything was going to work out....it didn't....things are worse.

he can't leave his duties, i can't leave mine...so what now?
what am i supposed to do? forget him, like nothing ever happened? wait more?

i don't now what else to do
i'm frustrated
i am....sad.


1 comment:

Tiffany said...

cmon u know things can get better u just have to hope and wait, smtoimes there r things that we cannot manage and we have to leave to destiny.
bu i know that what u have to leave last is fate, so dont throw the towell there is much more to fight for.
love ya girl.
hope to see some sms from u or see u one fo these days.