Saturday, February 9, 2008

Starting a BRAND NEW page on the book we are again...after what i decided to call: A BRAND NEW PAGE ON THE BOOK. which book?'s book..isn't that obvious? if it wasn't, now it is =)

Starting with feelings while i listen "Stolen" by Dashboard Confessional...can we actually describe what it feels when u're about to live
something completely new and unknown at the same time? It's quite hard to...but i'll do my best...

let me put it this way....have u ever felt like this "thing" in ur stomach? or the suddenly rush of wanting to run away from where u are, just because u're scared or nervous about what's comming? that's how i felt last monday

8.00 am...i was standing on that hallway....waiting for someone else to arrive...and i was scared to death!!!!

they started arriving..but they were all with some friend....or with someone they just met...but still with someone by the side...and i was like...okey..can anyone say something? hehe
and suddenly the place was full of ppl...all with the same feelings
, with the same goal....STARTING COLLEGE =)

now...a week passed from that monday i was totally freaked out, and i'm the happiest person in the whole world!

well...maybe not the happiest...but i'm close :P

new page of the life =)

the only thing i have to say i missed a loooooooooot...were my friends....yep..."las vecis" as i call them...those 3 girls i love with my heart and soul....hell yeah i missed them! (believe me...i cried when i saw them yesterday)
They are my support 24/7...even tho i might not speak to them every day....i know they are there by my side.....well, actually one of them is literally by my side cause she's my neighbor but still hehe

Empezar una nueva siempre es bastante dificil!! pero no ai q vida esta para much as we can....disfrutando, conociendo, sufriendo porq no, amando tambien.....pero sabiendo q uno es capaz d todo...y mas si se lo propone desde lo mas profundo d su corazon....y se lo plantea con todas sus fuerzas!
Put all ur energy in sth u like or u want!..but remember to keep some for those u love...cause they probably want u in one piece hehe ^^

College is i heard...and i'm planing to live this part of my life exploring and learning everything that cames in my way....beware, cause i'll be there now!!!! hehehe

That's all for now folks!

My bests


1 comment:

mami said...

ok ok
aprendí cómo entrar !!?? ejje
aquí estoy hija....
para acompañarte cerquita en todo este nuevo camino....
disfruta mucho, divertite,,,,
te queiro mucho mucho mucho